Elevation of Rev. Michael J Dangler as an ADF Senior Priest

This is the ordination rite of Rev. Michael J Dangler at Summerland in 2010, elevating him to a Senior Priest in ADF.

The rite was done during the ADF Unity Rite, and just as he is called forward, the heavens opened up into a downpour. Just as he was proclaimed by Rev. Kirk Thomas (Archdruid of ADF) as a Senior Priest, the rains stopped.

Being nature worshipers, we worked on through the rain, rather than hide from it under shelter.

The words spoken in this ritual can be found at Rev. Dangler's webpage.

The video is hosted on YouTube.


Rev. Michael Dangler

Author's Bio:

Rev. Michael J Dangler is a Grove Priest of Three Cranes Grove, ADF, an ADF Senior Priest, and also a former Clergy Council Preceptor who helped drive the creation of the Clergy Training Program. He's fond of hiking, hammocks, cheeseburgers, and Buffett songs. He's 35, 6'4" tall, and has a good sense of humor. Walk up and talk to him if you ever see him at a festival, because he likely thinks you've got something interesting to say and wants to hear it.

Articles by Rev. Michael Dangler

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