Leader Bio: Michael J Dangler

Leader Bio: Michael J Dangler

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How long have you been involved in ADF?

I've been involved with Ár nDraíocht Féin since before I could pronounce it (i.e. about 18 years as of this writing). I've been a Neopagan Druid for about 25 years now, but it took me a long time to start with ADF.

I started with The 6th Night Grove, ADF, in Dayton, OH, in April of 2000, where I was commuting more than an hour to rituals and business meetings. I did this for about two years before I finally had the experience (and guts) to start my own Protogrove in Columbus, Ohio. In our first year, we jumped quite high in membership, getting seven new members in one month. I completed the documentation for the ADF Dedicant Path in May of 2003, and completed the ADF Clergy Training Program, which I finished the first circle of in August 2006. I finished the third circle in 2010.

What else have you done with your life?

Aside from be a good-for-nothing rogue with a winning smile? Not too much. I work for The Ohio State University in the IT department's customer services area. I was on the varsity fencing squad at Ohio State for four years (I fenced sabre), and graduated from OSU with a degree in Military History and have done graduate work in Comparative Religious Studies. I have also spent eleven years working with The Ohio State University's Pagan Student Association. I'm an Eagle Scout and the father of twins.

What do you do in ADF?

I'm a Past Senior Druid of Three Cranes Grove, ADF, and I've been a Deputy Preceptor (I was giddy with delight when I received a silver star and six-shooter) and the Preceptor of the ADF Clergy Council. In August 2006, I was ordained as an ADF Priest. In August 2010, I was elevated as an ADF Senior Priest. I was the first elected head of the ADF Initiate Council. I've also helped update the ADF website, occasionally answered mail sent to the ADF office, and worked as a mentor for the Dedicant Path. I've been the Liturgist's Guild preceptor and the scribe of the Dance Guild, and the Director of the Eastern Indo-European Kin. I give workshops at some ADF festivals (just ask and I'll probably be able to do one for you, too), and worked out the Buffett Ritual for the Summerland Gathering. I've worked on the Grove Organizer's Handbook, submitted essays for inclusion in the Dedicant Path materials, and submitted for publishing in Oak Leaves. In all, ADF keeps me pretty busy. I take on responsibilities in ADF because I enjoy them and nothing ever becomes boring here.

Photo of Michael J Dangler [2]Tell us a bit about your personal religion.

My personal patron is Esus (a Gaulish deity with representations as a woodcutter), and my relationship with the Spirits is far too complicated to explain in such a limited space. Really, the best thing to do (if you really want to know about me) is to go to my webpage (Chronarchy.Com) or visit my Patreon.

What is your personal vision for ADF?

I love ADF as it is, really, but that doesn't mean we lack things that can improve. I'd like to be able to meet more people (which is why I've started traveling to some of the festivals that are outside Ohio). I want to see more of our scholars publishing. I want to see the Study Programs eventually become accredited. I want ADF to hold the respect that I feel it really deserves. I'm proud of our support of our military members and hope that one day, we can provide a Pagan chaplain to the military. Most importantly, though, I intend to be a part of these things when they do occur. I don't see my religion as separate from ADF anymore (Sorry, ADF, you're stuck with me indefinitely)!

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