Training and Practice

Training & Practice



The Hearthkeeper's Way is a way of connecting your local hearth to the greater community hearth of ADF. ADF offers this manual to any and all who wish to practice Druidry in the ADF way. If you find that this manner of practice speaks to you, we’d encourage you to join ADF and merge your hearth fire with ours.


Honoring the Gods, the Nature Spirits, and our Ancestors.
We try to follow the Old Ways of our ancestors as closely as possible, using a common Indo-European liturgy which can be adapted for specific cultures.

Beyond the Basics


In addition to our guild study programs, We have three main branches of Study: General, Initiatory, and Clerical. The Dedicant Path is the foundational spiritual and intellectual first step in making "Our Own Druidry" one's personal path. The Generalist Study Program is designed to help deepen one's understanding of our paganism. Guild training programs are designed by ADF Guilds to meet their members' special interests and needs. The Clergy Training Program has the goal of producing fully trained, ordainable ADF Clergy. The Initiate's Program was developed and designed to bridge the gap between the Dedicant Path and the Clergy Training Program.



The Dedicant Path (DP) is ADF's beginning training program that serves as a year-long introduction to the beliefs and practices of Our Druidry. It is also the prerequisite for other ADF training systems such as guild study programs.

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