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The following chants are appropriate for the part of the ADF liturgy where we acknowledge the Three Realms of Land, Sea, and Sky present in the cosmologies of various ancient Indo-European cultures ADF draws its inspiration from.Blessings, Honor & Worship to the Holy OnesEarth, Sky, and SeaUnity in the Three RealmsIf you are an ADF member and know other chants for this part of the liturgy, please let us know about them!
Bild des Benutzers CeisiwrSerith
The waters support and surround us The land extends about us The sky stretches out above us: At the center burns a living flame. May all the Kindreds bless us. May our worship be true May our actions be just May our love be pure. Blessings, and honor, and worship to the holy ones. (Words and music by Ceisiwr Serith) [Audio Clip]

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