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Below is our first video of a solitary ADF druid ritual, as well as a video of a grove Blessing Rite. We plan to add more to this section soon. Simple Shrine Ritual (Solitary Druid Liturgy) A Woodland Blessing Rite for 3 People A Grove Blessing Rite (with 6 celebrants) An Impromptu Roman Fontanalia Rite Memorial Rite for Isaac Bonewits Elevation of Rev. Michael J Dangler as an ADF Senior Priest Videos About ADF Faces of Our Druidry. This is a video created by an ADF member which shows some of the people who make our fellowship real. A Druid Dialog: What is ADF? Two former Archdruids and the current one discuss ADF. ADF Wellspring Gathering 2010 This is a music video of Missy Burchfield performing a song with images from the gathering.
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We have a full script with meditations and a bare script without meditations for the video below. This ritual was created at a retreat of the ADF Clergy Council in October 2006. The video is hosted on YouTube. You can also download a copy from our server.

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