The Last Moment of Spring

The Last Moment of Spring

The Last Moment of Spring

I pause for an instant

On the last moment of spring

Lived to its fullest

Since Imbolc coloured the skies.

Days growing longer,

Earth come to life,

Trees, life regreening,

A world come alive.

The sun shines a-yellow,

So vibrant and pure,

Young yellow, young life,

Greet me sooner each day.

As Solstice approaches,

The trees flutter their green,

Green of the young earth,

Yellow of the young sun,

And all points in between.

And as the dawn crests,

For the mid-summer morn,

A new sun revealed,

A new season born.

The earth cedes its young green,

To an emerald hue,

The sun’s yellow becomes golden,

As the seasons renew.

And as the light hurries

Down straight path and stone,

I see the spring distance,

And fade with the morning.

As the season arrives,

As the Sun stops its motion,

For the briefest of moments,

The year held in the balance.

Then spring turns the corner,

A summer arrives,

The Sun in full glory,

The trees say to me:

“We are always this green,

Even deep in the winter,

We are always alive,

On the darkest of days.

By a trick of the light,

By the change of the season,

We renew now the year,

On the last moment of spring.”

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