I Choose Not To Run For a Third Term

I Choose Not To Run For a Third Term

It’s almost that time again for the annual ADF elections process to begin. Our bylaws say that the call for nominations should go out on or about December 10, and that’s next week.

In preparation for this, I need to announce that I will not be running for a third term as Archdruid this year. I’ve been mulling over this decision for months, and now is decision time.

I think that it’s been a good six years, and it has always been my intent to serve ADF well, but it’s time for me to move on. I shall, of course, remain highly involved in ADF, and perhaps even hold some minor leadership roles in the future, but I shall also be taking more time for myself.

Of course, may current term runs until the beginning of May, and I will also be at Wellspring to install the new Archdruid. I intend to continue to attend festivals and clergy retreats so you’ll still see plenty of me in the future.

In terms of nominations for Archdruid in the upcoming election cycle, the Bylaws are very clear. The candidate must be an active member of our Clergy and may be nominated by one of three groups (the MG, the Clergy Council, and/or the Council of Senior Druids) or by a petition signed by at least 50 voting members.

I want to thank everyone in ADF who has supported me in my journey as ADF Archdruid, and I know that ADF shall continue to grow and thrive in the future. May the Kindreds bless and keep us all!

Rev. Kirk Thomas
ADF Archdruid

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