Looking Within

Looking Within

We in ADF have been watching the unfolding of events in the USA lately with sadness and distaste. Excesses abound in this country, from shootings and chokings of the members of racial minorities to calls from religious fundamentalists for the extermination of gay people.

Such behaviors are despicable in the extreme. Prejudices are a form of limitation, where people refuse to see that we’re all in this together and try to limit the humanity of others. And these limitations can be expressed through excesses of force and through extremism. The glorification of excess and extremism is not just an American failing, it exists all over the world. And ADF is unwilling to contribute to it.

Our Constitution (and before that our Bylaws) have always stressed that ADF Druidry is open to everyone. Our values emphasize balance. Balance through wisdom and moderation, through courage and perseverance, through integrity and hospitality.

These values may be expressed through reciprocity, which is more than just the Golden Rule. Reciprocity is the basis of relationships, without which we cannot exist as a society. We all uphold each other, and should these bonds loosen or break then we all will suffer. Only by strengthening these bonds, and by creating new bonds between people, can we ever hope to thrive. Only by finding balance through reciprocity can conditions improve for everyone.

Balance also implies restraint, on all sides. Ages-old prejudices are no excuse for any behavior, and must be examined. None of us are totally innocent, and none of us are totally guilty. We must all look deeply inside ourselves to root out prejudices we have been raised with that linger in the dark. Only then can injustice end. Only then may we all live in peace.

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