The Flames of Unity

The Flames of Unity

We have perpetual flames burning in ADF. They are kindled at the Spring Equinox (Autumn Equinox in the southern hemisphere) through friction, and after purification, rekindled at the same time the following year.

This is the Hearth of ADF. In ancient Rome, the perpetual fire of the goddess Vesta burned under the care of the Vestal Virgins, and was considered the Hearth and center of the city. All sacrificial fires were lit from Her flame. Priestesses of the Goddess Brigit (and later the nuns of the saint) maintained a perpetual fire in Ireland that was only extinguished by order of the Church in the Middle Ages.

Many cultures had rites where the Fire would be ritually extinguished once per year and then relit to give it new life. Depending on the culture, this could take place in November, Spring Equinox, or even the Summer Solstice.

ADF now has such a Flame. Several, in fact, kindled in Washington and Michigan and maintained there. Other flames have been taken from these initial flames, and the custom spreads. In March they will be extinguished, the hearths purified, and the flames rekindled through friction, as in ancient days. We call these flames the Hearth of ADF, and they are flames of the unity of our folk.

And as a form of Unity, we invite everyone to magically connect their ritual fires, be they candle flame or bonfire, to the Hearth of ADF, that we might all join together for all our rites.

And you can do this by chanting the following charm while lighting your fire:


Kindled from the Great Flame

Kept by prudent skill,

Join with our common Hearth

That these flames be one!


May the Kindreds bless us all as we grow together in unity as One Folk, striving to preserve our Mother the Earth and our relationships with all beings, mortal and divine.

Bright blessings,

Rev. Kirk Thomas

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