Summer is Festival time!

Summer is Festival time!

Back in the back old days (the 1970′s, say) there was no Internet and most Pagans were quite isolated. The Pagan Festival movement changed this, and folks came together in large numbers where ideas percolated and new influences were felt, bringing the Pagan movement to a new maturity.

We in ADF have our own festivals now, but there is still value in going to some of the pan-Pagan ones.

We look at these festivals as a chance to show non-ADFer’s just who and what we are. We do workshops and rituals and, at Brushwood and Wisteria, at least, host a Druid Camp where we are available for hospitality (including a few beers!) and conversation.

This year, at the new Summerfest Festival here at Brushwood, there will be a new Druid Workshop Track where Skip Ellison, Leesa Kern, Seamus, Robb Lewis and I will be presenting workshops on ADF Cosmology, the ancient Celts, warrior spirituality, etc. We will also be hosting daily morning devotionals and a couple of full ADF rituals. It’s going to be a lot of work, but it will also be satisfying fun as well. And we always have a ball at our base camp at Druid Central!

So if you’re free next week and can get to western New York State, come on out and join us!

Bright festival blessings,

Rev. Kirk Thomas, ADF Archdruid

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