Be Here Now

Be Here Now

Be Here Now

I wanted to write a prayer containing and honoring all of the essential entities of the Core Order of Ritual. These include:

The Earth Mother

The Spirits of Inspiration

The Gatekeeper

The Ancestors

The Nature Spirits

The Shining Ones

The result is this prayer. It can be used any time that someone wishes to have a fast path into a Core Order Ritual. Don’t forget to purify and recreate the Cosmos!

Here, for your reading pleasure, Be Here Now!

Be With Us Now

As we stand upon your shoulders,
With grain in outstretched hand,
Earth Mother,
Be with us now.

As we listen to the beauty,
With a song upon our lips,
Spirits of Inspiration,
Be with us now.

As we come upon the gates,
With offerings to you,
Be with us now.

As we call to those
Who walked this path before,
Be with us now.

As we stand among the trees,
As the spirits do surround,
Spirits of Nature,
Be with us now.

As we stand in the Sun,
And feel the magic in the world,
Shining Ones,
Be with us now.

With blessings on your practice,

Jean (Drum) Pagano

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