Concern for the Western Fires

Concern for the Western Fires

We look to the fires that are burning in the Western part of the United States with alarm and with concern. These fires are causing great damage to both the Earth and to the families and beings that inhabit that same Earth. People have lost lives and possessions, families have been disrupted, and so much damage has been done to the Earth. We send our prayers to those who have been harmed and displaced by the fires and open our hearts and our lives in the ways in which we are able.

If you are in the affected areas, please let us know that you are safe. If we can help, please reach out to us.

I would like to ask that we use some of the funds from ADF Cares to send to the appropriate agencies that can help those most in need. I have contributed to ADF Cares for this and am asking those who are able to do so as well, either via ADF Cares or in their own ways.

I have written this prayer with these things in mind.

Fire Relief Prayer


We call to the Kindreds,

Those Keepers of Fire,

And ask for your help:

Please stop the advance of the fires;

Please quiet the winds that blow;

Please keep all the spirits, both human and spirits of nature,

Out of harm’s way.


We call to the skies,

Where rains from above do fall,

Please release your waters,

Please let them fall,

Please send relief,

To put out the fires,

To cleanse what was harmed,

To bring new growth

Where the old growth is now gone.


We call to the Earth Mother,

Bring forth your Bounty,

Now in this time of great need.


May it be so.

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