An Impromptu Devotional

An Impromptu Devotional

Devotionals arise out of practice. Sometimes they arise out of careful planning; other times they are the result of an impression in the moment. I was at the shore of Lake Erie this morning, in some way my "sea". Looking out on the distant waters in contrast to the shore, I thought, as I often do, about Manannan mac Lir. This was composed and offered on the spot. I felt Manannan's presence and this is for him - and you.


To Manannan Mac Lir

O Manannan Mac Lir
I am but a tree along the shore,




Water from the sea
Nourishes my roots,
Wind from the earth,
Blows across my branches,
Sun from the sky,
Warm against my leaves.


The water makes such noise
As it clashes with the shore,
Rock, splash, reverberate
Such that my thoughts are
Drowned out by the clamour
Of the surf


I look beyond the ninth wave
And I know that you are there
Carry me out to that place
Where profundity meets purpose
Carry us out to where
The sea meets the sky


Gulls fly by,
Gentle on the wind,
Where silence and
The undulating sea
Speak lessons to the soul



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