News from the Archdruid, Mid-Vernal/Autumnal Equinox 2018

News from the Archdruid, Mid-Vernal/Autumnal Equinox 2018

News from the Archdruid – Mid Vernal/Autumnal Equinox Season 2018

To begin, please let me cite our ADF Constitution to emphasize how we feel on matters of discrimination:

Article 5: Discrimination

4.Proven communication or behavior that discriminates against any person based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, race, ethnicity, disability, or any otherwise virulently offensive language shall be grounds for expulsion from ADF. This does not include strong verbal statements about the theology, history, or psychological characteristics of other religions.

There have been a number of issues in front of the Mother Grove and I would like to discuss them here. First and foremost, ADF Elections have just completed and we wish to thank all the individuals that participated as candidates, and also to those who participated in the vote. The newly elected positions are:

Rev. Sean Harbaugh – Vice Archdruid

Desiree Cook – Member’s Advocate

Jenn Hatter – Non-Officer Director

Rev. Lauren Mart – Non-Officer Director

Shaz Cairns – Asia-Pacific Regional Druid

Rev. Amber Doty – Central Regional Druid

Rev. Nancy McAndrew – Southeast Regional Druid

I would like to congratulate each and every one of these individuals and I look forward to working with them in the very near future.

To the following outgoing Mother Grove members, I thank you for your service to both the Mother Grove and to ADF:

Rev. Carrion Mann – Vice Archdruid

Selene Tawny – Non-Officer Director

Electronic Oak Leaves – as of this morning, the dream of an electronic version of our exceptional Oak Leaves publication has become a reality. The Mother Grove has voted to make Oak Leaves available at a reduced cost for our membership. Details will be forthcoming.

ADF Store to be an on-line only store – the Mother Grove has voted to make the ADF Store an on-line only store. It will continue to be available via the website and offer the products it is known for.

The Clergy Council currently does a healing working around the last quarter of the Moon each month. We put together a list of individuals who have agreed to be on the list, and we do a collective working around a certain time. Would there be interest among the Folk for doing the same kind of activity monthly? If so, please drop me a note at Perhaps we can set this up through the Healer’s Guild.

I hope that everyone’s Spring/Autumn is going well, and if you have any comments and/or suggestions, please feel free to send them along.

Vernal and Autumnal Blessings,

Rev. Jean (Drum) Pagano

Archdruid ADF


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