ADF to Enter Corporate Sponsorship with American Forests

ADF to Enter Corporate Sponsorship with American Forests

The ADF Mother Grove is pleased to announce the establishment of a corporate sponsorship with American Forests. American Forests was established over 140 years ago, and they have planted over 150 million trees since 1990 alone. In fulfilling our values as an organization to honor the Earth Mother and be of service to the land, ADF will be able to make a positive impact on our environment through this partnership. To ensure the partnership is one ADF would like to continue in the long term, this trial sponsorship is entirely funded by members of the Mother Grove and will have no fiscal impact on the organization. In addition to this new sponsorship, ADF Archdruid Rev. Jean Pagan has pledged to plant a tree through American Forest for every NEW membership in 2017, starting on January 1st.

As Rev. Pagano states:

"The Mother Grove has decided to reach out and partner with the American Forests organization. We hope to preserve and protect the world in which we live by planting trees and supporting the Earth on which we live. American Forests believes that "together we can make a difference, one tree at a time, one acre at a time, and one forest at a time".

"This is a trial sponsorship funded entirely by contributions from the Mother Grove. This is a one year trial for us to work with an environmental group that has a Charity Navigator rating of 91 and is willing and happy to partner with Ar nDraiocht Fein, a neopagan, Druidic Church. We look forward to a productive year together."

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