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A Personal Inventory for Leaders

While I've never personally been involved in a so-called "12 Step" program of recovery, I've always felt that there are valuable life lessons to be found within the steps.

A Tale of Sound and Fury

The Reform Druids of North America is a classic example of what can happen when creative, yet generally rule following, college students are forced into a situation that goes against their own moral understandings of the world.

About Us

What we mean by Our Own Druidry.

From our developing training program to our rituals honoring the Gods and Spirits, our motto remains the same: Why not excellence?

ADF Annual Awards

Excellence in Service Award

The Excellence in Service Award recognizes the exceptional public service work of an ADF Grove, Protogrove, Guild, SIG, or other Subgroup. Here are the winners, by year:

ADF Bylaws

Bylaws of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, Inc. (Last Modified July 15th, 2020 C.E.)

ADF Constitution

Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, Inc., also known as "ADF," is the legal structure for a Neopagan Druidic religion based on the beliefs and practices of the ancient Indo-Europeans, adapted to the needs and sensibilities of modern people.

ADF Organizational Structure

This article originally appeared in the past print version of the ADF Membership Guide, and as such is rather long.

ADF's Organization

The following pages describe ADF in more detail as an organization or, in the case of the Founder's Awards, showcase the organizational community service and charity work of our groves (local congregations).

Child Abuse Policy

Adopted by the Mother Grove on 15 February, 2012. Last modified on 15 February, 2012


Important Links and Email Addresses

Organizational Announcements

Mother Grove Minutes/Discussion Logs:

Is ADF Dogmatic?

ADF has only three dogmas, which I announced during my tenure as the first Archdruid: The first is the Doctrine of Archdruidic Fallibility (all members are required to believe that the leadership messes up from time to time).

Law, Policy, Tradition, and Custom within A.D.F.

Originally published in Druid's Progress #14

Mother Grove

As defined in the ADF Bylaws, the Mother Grove is the Board of Directors for ADF.

Questions and Answers about ADF

Where did ADF come from?

ADF started in 1983 as a network of independent scholars interested in legitimate research about the ancient Druids and their Indo-European colleagues.

Recommended Gaulish Sources

Books: Gaulish Celtic Studies:

    Sexual Misconduct Policy

    Adopted by the Mother Grove on 15 February, 2012. Last modified on July 15, 2020

    ADF Inc. opposes any form of sexual misconduct by clergy, staff, employees, volunteers, and members, and this policy applies equally to all of the above.

    Starting a Grove: SLG's Story

    There is no one right or wrong way to develop a Grove. There are probably things that work better in one part of the country than in another, and things that suit one Grove Organizer better than another.

    The Aquarian Manifesto

    All intelligent beings have the right to worship who, what, where, when, why, and how they wish; provided that they do not violate the similar rights of others.

    The Beginning of Ár nDraíocht Féin

    Originally published in Druid's Progress #1

    The Dedicant Path – A Milestone on a Wondrous Journey

    When Ian Corrigan created the Dedicant Program for ADF, he created a jewel of spiritual growth and learning.

    The Origins of ADF

    Copyright © 1983, 1996 C.E., Isaac Bonewits

    The Vision of ADF

    What makes ADF different from other Neopagan traditions?

    Here is how we see it:

    Weeding the Garden

    This article is about chronically disruptive people in Neopagan groups and what we can do about them. We'll examine who these people are and why we seem to attract so many of them and talk about some of the common types of troublesome people.

    What Ar nDraiocht Fein Will and Won't Be

    © Isaac Bonewits
    Originally published in Druid's Progress #2

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