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#Support ADF ##MAKE A REGULAR OR ONE TIME DONATION The pages in this section will let you make charitable donations to ADF to help Our Druidry grow! You can make a one-time charitable donation to ADF, or set it up so that you will automatically donate to ADF on a schedule of your choice.
##Donation Links * [Make a donation to ADF](/donations/donate.html) * [Our targeted donation funds](/donations/donation-funds.html) * [Make recurring donations](/donations/recurring-donations.html) * [Make Amazon links give ADF a referral bonus](/amazon/index.html) * Donate every time you search with [GoodSearch](/donations/goodsearch.html) (no cost to you!) * [Donate through IGive]( * Donate every time you shop at Amazon though [Amazon Smile]( Choose or search for "Ar Ndraiocht Fein A Druid" as your charity. * [Our Donation Wall](/donations/donation-wall.html) * [Allow or revoke the use of your name on the donation wall](/donations/donation-agreement.html) * Note that you can **also** help ADF by ordering book through the links in our [Training Section](/resource-categories/training), as Amazon gives us a referral bonus for each item. * Purchase [books written by members](/training/resources/member-books.html) ADF is a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, so if you live in the U.S. your donation should be tax-deductible, but you should verify this with a financial professional before claiming the deduction. Thank you for making a donation to support ADF Druidry!
#Contribution Distribution ##WHERE DO THE FUNDS GO?

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