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“They Watch and They Wait”Lyrics:Just beyond the light of our fires They watch and they wait They watch and they wait. Just outside our well-built walls They watch and they wait They watch and they wait. We live our lives among them. We build our homes among them. We offer to them with open hands we offer thanks to those who watch, to those who wait; we make this offering to them.Music: Ceisiwr Serith (David Fickett-Wilbar)
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The following chants are appropriate for the part of the ADF liturgy where we call to the three Kindreds: Gods and Goddesses, Nature Spirits, and Honored Dead (Ancestors).Gods and Dead and Mighty SidheIf you are an ADF member and know other chants for this part of the liturgy, please let us know about them!
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Gods and Dead and Mighty Sidhe, Powers of Earth and Sky and Sea, By Fire and Well, by Sacred Tree, Offerings we make to ye.(Words and music by Ian Corrigan, ©StoneCreed Grove 1998.)[Audio Clip] [Sheet Music]

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