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The following chants are appropriate for the part of the ADF liturgy where we ask a deity/power of inspiration to make our voices sweet to the Kindreds.AwenBirgitaLady BrigidInvocation to BrigitSagaLet the Way Be OpenIf you are an ADF member and know other chants for this part of the liturgy, please let us know about them!
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We hava a 1MB .wav file which is a recording of a Red Oak Grove, ADF member singing "awen". A picture of the occasion is the following: Bardd Dafydd can answer any questions you have about the Awen.
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Birgita, Birgita, Goddess of the flame Birgita, Birgita, Goddess of the flame Awaken the flame within my being Awaken the sacred fire within my beingWords by Lisa Theil[Audio Clip] [Sheet Music]
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Lady Brigid of the Bards Blessed Fire of Inspiration Spark the flames within our hearts Lead our creative exploration Lady Brigid hear our song As we give offerings of praise Let your blessings make us strong that we may serve you all our days.Words by Peggy Kaan[Audio Clip] [Sheet Music]
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Come, Daughter of Eternity, Come, Brigit of the Flame, Come, Sister of Infinity, Bring healing to the lame. Bright as the Sun above, Song of the well Crafter of hearts and minds, We love you well.Words and music by Arlene Davis[Sheet Music - 8.1Kb PDF file, 1Kb MIDI file]
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Saga... all hear the ancient one come Saga... help us see the harvest Saga... guide us to the table Saga... sing us tales of wonder Remind us that we are able To drain the cup yet drink again Golden seer of eternal light Fire us with your beloved presence Your song is our own... SagaLearn this chant (693Kb MP3)Words and music by Gwyne Green
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Sing through my voice, Play through my hands, Let the way be open!By Abby Spinner and J. Magnus Mcbride

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