Zorya (Russian)

Zorya (Russian)

Lark, little lark, do you hear what I am saying?
Fly, little lark, and sing, with your beautiful voice.
Fly to Zorya, to little dawn,
and tell her we are here,
here asking, here waiting for her to come,
with the gods in her train.
Zorya, we call to you, with beautiful words,
words of praise, words you love well.
Come to us here, be the first to arrive,
be the first to arrive of the Holy Ones,
to help us pray to the others as well,
our prayers to them, their gifts to us.
May our prayers be as beautiful as the songs of the lark
we send on her way to ask you to come.

by Ceisiwr Serith (David Fickett-Wilbar)


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