ADF Subgroups


We have a subgroup for everything. Guilds maintain specialized study programs, Special Intrest Groups(SIGS) dig into special interests of members, Orders keep certain types of devotion centralized around certain symbols or ideas, and Kins keep the dharma of each hearth culture. Groves are local congregations of ADF members.

Forums & Mailing Lists


Each subgroup has a mailing list or social media group. You can find what you need and if one doesn't exist for your interests, you can petition to create one.


Leaders in ADF

Our backgrounds and visions.

The following are short biographies of some of our leaders.

Clergy Rev. Amber Doty, Rev. Amber Ferrebee (Mem), Rev. Ayliah Cannon (Ayliah Cannon), Rev. Barbara Wright, Rev. Bryan Perrin (Skraeling), Rev. Caryn Laney-MacLuan (Caryn MacLuan), Rev. Chelly Couvrette, Rev. Christopher Temple (Christopher Temple), Rev. Crystal Groves (Crystal Groves), Rev. David Crawford (Skymnos), Rev. Debra Grove (Rowen g), Rev. Ellie Lazzaro, Rev. Francesca Hedrick, Rev. G r Grove, Rev. Jan Avende, Rev. Jean Pagano (Drum), Rev. Jeffrey Wyndham (Ian Corrigan), Rev. John Adelmann (John fox Adelmann), Rev. Kathleen Pezza, Rev. Kelly Kingston (Carrion Mann), Rev. Kirk Thomas, Rev. Lauren Mart, Rev. Lisa Wasilkowsky Malik, Rev. Melissa Ashton, Rev. Michael Dangler, Rev. Robert Ellison (Skip Ellison), Rev. Robert Henderson, Rev. Robert Lewis (Robb), Rev. Sean Harbaugh, Rev. Susan Parker-Wyndham (Liafal), Rev. William Ashton II

The Mother Grove (ADF's Board of Directors):

Regional Druids (ADF leaders uniting members in their regions):