Cernunnos Devotional Ritual (Solitary)

Cernunnos Devotional Ritual (Solitary)

By Trebomâros Auigani


Before starting the ritual, make sure to properly wash and clean yourself.  Wear comfortable clothing, preferably with deep earthy tones.  When you come to the altar, light up the incense and in a counter-clockwise motion, circle it in front of you saying:

May all that holds me be released,

May all the binds me be released,

May all that enslaves me be released.

So that you may be pure and true.

Repeat two more times (total of three)


Honoring the Earth Mother:

As you approach the altar, sit before it and breathe.  Offer steel-cut oats, or some other prepared grain, saying:

Earth Mother, I honor you. I thank you for the continued blessing of life that you give to us all. Without you, life would not be possible.

Earth Mother, accept my offering.


Attunement: Tree Meditation:

Perform the Tree Meditation, connecting to the earth below and the heavens above.  As you connect, listen to the sound of your heartbeat.  Once you feel centered and grounded, bow to the altar.


Recreate the Cosmos and Statement of Purpose:

Pick up the drum and hit it three times.  Light the candle and then start a stick of incense to bless the Sacred Hallows at the altar, saying:


Through this fire, well, and sacred tree, I call to you Cernunnos,

Lord of the Deep Wood, Keeper of Ways

I have come here tonight to give offerings and celebrations.

As the way opens to you,

May my words rise on the winds and may they sound deep in the wells.


Open the Gates:

Give libations to Gatekeeper, saying:

Spirit of the Threshold, open the ways.

May your protection and guidance lead us true,

Let the Gates be open!


Invite the Kindreds:

Raise your hands, saying:

To the Kindred, I call on you tonight in Honor of Cernunnos.

Light the Ancestor's candle as you speak:

I call forth the Ancestors, those who have gone before, the Spirits of the Mighty Dead to join me here. Ancestors of blood and spirit, I call to you.

Ancestors, accept my offering!

Light the Nature Spirits' candle as you speak

I call to the Nature Spirits, spirits of fur and feather, fin and scale, and skin, come to me now! Spirits who hold the sacred knowledge of the world around us, hear me!

Nature Spirits, accept my offering!

Light the Shining Ones' candle as you speak

I invite the Shining Ones, You who are beyond time and space who have the ability to see all and advise in all things. I praise you for your knowledge and wisdom. Join me now.

Shining Ones, accept my offering!

Welcome, Kindred to this place in joy and celebration!


Key Offerings:

Take the drum and hit it three times:

Cernunnos, I call to you.

You who keeps the Sacred Mysteries

You who knows the Ancestral Wisdom

You who are honored by many


Cernunnos, I call to you

Lord of Abundance

Mighty Hunter

Gatekeeper to the Inner Treasure


Cernunnos, I call to you

Lord of the Crossroads

Guide in the darkness

Traveler and Protector


Cernunnos, I call to you

Nourisher of the soul

Sage of the Healing Hands

You who remind us that we are both tame and wild


These gifts we give oh Antlered One.

May this whiskey be a delight to you as it warms the belly

May this silver be a delight to you in gratitude for your gifts from the Earth

May this sweet bread be a delight to you, as it brings people together


Ancient One, you who holds the serpent of Chaos, you who holds the torc of prosperity

May your presence bring wisdom, abundance, protection, and healing.

At this point, any additional offerings (drumming, dancing, singing, etc.) are performed or presented.


Omens and Receiving of Blessings:

Take a moment, close your eyes, and breathe.  Let the incense continue to burn and sit in meditation.  Be open to his presence and gifts that might come from that interaction.  You might not see anything during the ritual, and that is fine.  At this time, take the Omen to see if there is any insights from Cernunnos.


Affirmation of Blessings:

Once Omens have been taken, Take a cup and hold it up saying:

Cernunnos, as I stand here tonight, I reaffirm I vow to you

Keeper of the Old Ways, I give my work to you

Keeper of the gates above and below, I give my work to you

Keeper of the Ancestral Wisdom, I give my work to you

You who heals the land and the people, I give my work to you


And to you I reaffirm:

I will walk in the wisdom of our ancestors,

I will be true to my truth

I will be an agent of truth in the lives of others

And I will be a vessel to bring your will into the world

As long as the needs are met to continue your work.


Myself and my work, I give to you, Mighty Lord.

Drink the beverage in the cup


Ending the Rite:

As you set the cup down, close your eyes and raise your hands, saying:

Lord Cernunnos, as we end tonight

May your light continue to be a light to the people

May your wisdom continue to be a guide to the people

May your protection continue to be a support to the people

May your generosity continue to be a blessing to the people.


And to the Kindreds who have joined us tonight,

Ancestors, thank you for your knowledge and sharing.

Spirits of the Land, Thank you for your continued assistance in this realm.

Shining Ones, Thank you for your blessings and Wisdom.


Closing the Gates:

To the Spirit of the Threshold,

Thank you for your protection tonight.

I now ask that you undo what you have done,

Let the Gates be closed!


Thanking the Earth Mother:

Earth Mother, Sustainer of Life.

All that remains unused will be given to you

I thank you.


Ending the ritual:

As you stand at the altar, close your eyes and breathe.  Connect with the earth below and the heavens above.  As you connect, listen to the sound of your heartbeat.  Once you feel your connection to the cosmos, take three deep breaths while you hit the drum (one breath for one drum hit).  Set the drum down and walk backwards from the altar to where you performed the purification.  Bow to the altar.

-End of Rite-




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