ADF Subgroups


The ADF Brewers Guild encompasses the art of beverage fermentation as part of an Indo-European spiritual practice. It teaches members the... leia mais
The ADF Artisans Guild exists to create artworks and other artifacts for use by ADF, and to promote training and education in the arts and... leia mais
The purpose of the ADF Dance Guild is to promote the performance and research of dance and movement within the religious practices of... leia mais
The ADF Scholars Guild exists to advocate and practice, as an integral part of our faith, scientific and scholarly research and debate... leia mais
The ADF Bardic Guild exists to promote excellence in the word: spoken, written, and sung.
The ADF Seers Guild exists to provide training and fellowship in the skills of divining and divination tools, trancework, and a safe space... leia mais
The ADF Naturalists Guild exists to learn more about the land on which we live so that we may educate our groves and communities, to work... leia mais
The ADF Magicians Guild exists to study, practice and teach the traditional arts called magic, especially as practiced by the cultures of... leia mais
The Liturgists' Guild promotes the art and science of liturgy within the context of Our Druidry by providing a framework for the study of... leia mais
The ADF Warriors Guild exists to serve ADF with members who are trained in spiritual, mental and physical defense, designing &... leia mais


The Gaulish Kin exists to worship the Gods of the Gaulish people.
The Pontos Proto-Indo-European (PIE) Kin is a Kin for ADF members interested in the possible culture, language and religion of the Proto-... leia mais
The Eastern Gate (Aus Dhwer) is a Kin for ADF members interested in and/or practicing one (or more) of the Eastern Indo-European traditions... leia mais
The Roman Kin is for ADF members interested in Roman History, Culture, Religion, Arts, Literature or Language. We serve to provide a place... leia mais
The Slavic Kin is a fellowship of peoples with interest in the Slavic histories, cultures, languages and religions. Our purpose is to... leia mais
Clann na nGael is for ADF members interested in the research and practice of Gaelic Celtic Paganism, including Ireland, Scotland and the... leia mais
The White Owls Kin (Oi Asproi Koukouvayies) is a Kin for ADF members interested in and/or practicing the Hellenic Traditions.
The Kin of Fire and Ice is a Kin for ADF members interested and/or practicing the Germanic/Northern Traditions. We are currently... leia mais
The Clan of the Red Dragon (Tylwyth Y Ddraig Goch) is a Kin for ADF members interested and/or practicing in a Welsh tradition.


The Order of Manannán mac Lir is focused on devotionals and rituals based on what we know of the Gaelic God Manannán mac Lir... leia mais
The Order of Bardic Alchemy is a place for our members to explore the misty places where the Bardic Arts and Our Druidry overlap. Practical... leia mais
The Demeter and Eleusinian Order (DEO) exists to bring the teachings of the cycles of life, death, and life again as taught by Demeter... leia mais
This order is dedicated to Oðin and Freyja. It will focus on devotional work for Odin and Freyja. The order will engage in magical and... leia mais
The ADF Order of the Crane is an Order based on devotion and transformative work. The Order and its members will work to serve ADF by... leia mais
The ADF Order of the Dead is a magical-religious Order comprised of ADF members dedicated to reviving ancient Indo-European ancestor... leia mais

Special Interest Groups

The primary purpose of “Games and Play” is to study the influence of games, play, toys, and sports on Indo-European spiritual development.... leia mais
The ADF - Technopagan is dedicated to exploring Technopagan expression and its place within ADF. We are also determined to be a voice for a... leia mais
The Sacred Feast SIG provides a forum for members of ADF to have a place to discuss Sacred Feasting and what it means in our religion.... leia mais
The Polyamory SIG provides a forum for polyamorous members of ADF to have a place to discuss polyamory in connection with their spiritual... leia mais
Welcome! ¡Sean bienvenidos todos! The purpose of this SIG is to provide a forum for the study and exploration of ancient pagan Iberia.... leia mais
Goals: * To foster communication about various rituals and devotional practices * To encourage devotional fellowship at in-person... leia mais
The purpose of the ADF Brighid's Hearth SIG is to allow ADF members dedicated to Brighid, or other Celtic expressions of her like Brigantia... leia mais
The Solitary SIG seeks to support ADF solitaries in the process of growth and discovery, as well as to provide solitaries with new... leia mais
The People of the Purple Feather (PPF) is a Special Interest Group established to ensure those in the LGBTQIA+ ADF community are not... leia mais
The Spirit of the Hunt SIG provides a forum for members of ADF to have a place to discuss Sacred Hunting and what it means in our religion.
The Ecstatic Trance SIG is a group interested in enhancing and deepening connection with the Kindred by developing practices, ceremonies,... leia mais
The purposes of the Safe Haven SIG include: * Provide a safe and comfortable place, both online and at ADF activities, where persons... leia mais
The Military Outreach SIG (MOS) was established to guarantee that ADF members in the military do not feel isolated because of their... leia mais
The Children's Education and Parenting SIG is a group of ADF members who are also parents or otherwise involved in educating children in... leia mais
Welcome to the ADF Social Justice SIG! We are growing together in knowledge and community and are committed to inclusion in ADF.... leia mais
The Morrigan SIG (Foireann Mhorrigan) is a group of ADF members who are interested in or have a connection with, the Celtic goddess known... leia mais
The purposes of the American SIG are, in no particular order: * to discuss American culture as an IE hearth culture within ADF * to... leia mais
The Non-English Speakers SIG is dedicated to helping ADF members for whom English is not their native language. Its mission is to translate... leia mais
The ADF Healers SIG exists to study, practice, and teach a variety of healing arts, including but not limited to those with an Indo-... leia mais

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