The Death Song

The Death Song

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(Originally published in Druid's Progress 11;
Repaganized from the Carmina Gadelica)

You go home this night to your home of Winter
To your home of Fall, of Spring, of Summer
You go home this night to the Turning house
To your pleasant rest in the plain of Joy

Rest you, rest, and away with sorrow
Rest this night in the Mother's Breast
Rest you, rest and away with sorrow
Rest, O Beloved, with the Mother's Kiss

In the Many Colored Land
In the Land of the Dead
In the Plain of Joy
In the Land Beneath the Wave
In the Land of Youth
In the Land of the Living
In the Revolving Castle,
the house of Donn,

Rest in seven lights, beloved
Rest in seven joys, beloved
Rest in seven sleeps, beloved
In the Grove of the Cauldron,
Morrigan's Shrine

The shade of death is on your face, beloved
But the Cauldron of Rebirth awaits you,
The three-fold turning of your fate
When your rest has given you your peace

So rest in the calm of all calms
Rest in the wisdom of all wisdoms
Rest in the love of all loves
Rest in the Lord of Life and Death
Rest in the Lady of Life and Death

Till the Season of Turning
Till the Time of Returning
Till the Mystery of the Cauldron