While I overall agree with

While I overall agree with you on this, I think if anything you understate the importance of 3. Even if you* did get where you are without support of government programs (and you didn't, you just don't realize all the support you got), you still didn't get anywhere without the social capital provided by your ancestors, something that is usually made quite explicit in the germanic traditions.

* I use the pronoun you as a general term, not directed at Rev. Dangler specifically. I probably should use 'a person' instead.

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Rev. Michael J Dangler is a Grove Priest of Three Cranes Grove, ADF, an ADF Senior Priest, and also a former Clergy Council Preceptor who helped drive the creation of the Clergy Training Program. He's fond of hiking, hammocks, cheeseburgers, and Buffett songs. He's 35, 6'4" tall, and has a good sense of humor. Walk up and talk to him if you ever see him at a festival, because he likely thinks you've got something interesting to say and wants to hear it.

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