The Value of Watching

 As ritual technicians and priests, there is always an intrinsic value in performing as ritual. We enjoy doing the work and we also enjoy touching the Kindreds and others by the work that we do. Yet, there is such tremendous joy and value in watching as others do the work of ritual. In this way, we are able to particiapte in the process, instead of leading. In this way, we can see the beauty in the movement and words of others as they reach above, around, and below to reach for the Kindreds. In this way, we participate in the form, as its orbits round the fire, much like our small world revolves around its own fire.

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Rev. Jean Pagano (Drum)

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About the Author - Jean (Drum) Pagano is the current ADF Archdruid as well as a Senior Priest in ADF. He is a frequent contributor to Oak Leaves and he honours the Earth Mother and Manannan mac Lir is his daily workings. He is a poet and a writer and the author of Arise from Vapours, Willow Flow, and A Tree for the Earth Mother, all available at

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