A Possible Tale of Cosmic Origins

Before all there was the Frost
Wide and Deep, without end
Undifferentiated - the Chaos
Deep That frost was a Goddess
Domnu was her name, and she slept.
Into her sleep crept a dream,
A fleeting thought, a sudden spark
A Fire that caught and grew
And shone amidst the Frost.
That Shining was a God
His name was Bel, and he was awake.
Heat stirs the Frost
She moves in sleep.
She melts and flows.
Dornnu wakens by her lover Bel
So ancient frost made melt
Flows salt and starry, the First Sea,
The Sea of Space, the Womb of Every Birth
Danu, the First Mother, and she loves.
The First Triad: Domnu the Frost, Bel the Fire, Danu the Sea
Danu and Domnu, light and dark
Bel was their lover, day and night
Two tribes they bore, two tribes at war
The Shining Gods and the Fomor Giants dire
Set one against the other
Their fate the making of the the Worlds.
The Fomor Domnu's children
Danu bore the Tuatha De
Never would their strife cease
Til the Wonder-Child gained the victory.

Author Information

Rev. Jeffrey Wyndham (Ian Corrigan)

Author's Bio:

About the Author - Ian Corrigan is a past ADF Archdruid as well as recipient of the Distinguished Service award for his time as Bard Laureate. He is deeply involved in developing and implementing a modern Druidic occultism, creating rites and training to enhance our growing spiritual work. His druid books are available at Lulu.com

Articles by Rev. Jeffrey Wyndham (Ian Corrigan)

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