Special Interest Groups

Any ADF member may form a special interest group (SIG). SIGs may cover a wide variety of topics including hobbies, languages, or anything else that members want to network and support each other about. The following are the currently-active SIGs:

  • American SIG: discussing/promoting American culture as an IE hearth culture within ADF
  • Ancient Iberia SIG: studying/exploring ancient pagan Iberia
  • Brighid's Hearth SIG: studying and keeping the traditions of Brighid and her flame keepers
  • Children's Education & Parenting SIG: parents and other members educating children in our ways
  • Ecstatic Trance SIG: enhancing/deepening connection with the Kindreds by using ecstatic trance
  • Games and Play SIG: Exploring the role of games and play for sacred and profane purposes in ancient cultures
  • Healers' SIG: Discussion of healing practices vis-a-vis spirituality
  • Foireann Mhorrigan: members interested in or following the Celtic goddess named the Morrigan
  • Healers SIG: studying, practicing, and teaching a variety of healing arts
  • Military Outreach SIG: helping ADF members in the military not to feel isolated
  • Non-English Speakers SIG: dedicated to all topics related to non-native English speakers in ADF
  • People of the Purple Feather: networking and support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender members
  • Polyamory SIG: a place for polyamorous ADF members to discuss polyamory and spirituality
  • Sacred Feast SIG: discusses the historical and modern importance of feasting
  • Sacred Fires SIG: discussion on sacred fires and work with the ADF Unity Flame
  • Safe Haven SIG: support/networking for persons with disabilities and mental health conditions
  • Social Justice SIG: facilitate conversation, learning, and action that is rooted in ADF's "non-dualist, non-sexist, non-racist" stance.
  • Solitaries SIG: networking and support for members who are not in Groves
  • Spirit of the Hunt SIG: discussions on the sacred aspects of hunting.
  • Technopagan SIG: discussions on how technology can be used in our traditions.

Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, Inc.

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