Sexual Misconduct Policy

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Adopted by the Mother Grove on 15 February, 2012. Last modified on July 15, 2020

ADF Inc. opposes any form of sexual misconduct by clergy, staff, employees, volunteers, and members, and this policy applies equally to all of the above.

We realize that we are in the presence of the Kindreds and commit to ensure our conduct is of the highest standards.

We commit to practice:

  • Love and kindness for one another
  • Courtesy and respect in language and actions
  • Self-discipline and control
  • Integrity and honesty with ourselves and others
  • Diligence in seeking to make the most of our talents and abilities
  • Teamwork and good sportsmanship
  • Respect toward leaders and respect by leaders
  • And to refrain from actions that hurt or damage any person or property.
  1. Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Harassment of Adults
    1. Sexual misconduct occurs when a person with authority, either real or perceived, uses their position to obtain sexual favors or behaviors of any kind. These persons in authority include, but are not limited to, clergy, elected or appointed ADF officers, ADF employees, sub-group volunteers, and Grove/Protogrove leaders.
      1. Sexual misconduct by a person with authority involving a member, client, or employee with whom the person in authority has a professional pastoral relationship is unethical and unprofessional behavior.
    2. Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to:
      1. Unwelcome and unsolicited sexual advances
      2. Request for sexual favors
      3. Discriminatory tormenting based upon perceived gender or sexual orientation
      4. Other undesired verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature
    3. In particular, sexual harassment occurs if there is:
      1. Submission to any kind of sexual harassment as an explicit or implicit term or condition of employment, to be a volunteer, or for advancement or eligibility for status
      2. Submission to, or rejection of, sexually harassing behavior if used as a basis for employment, other personnel decisions, or for advancement or eligibility for status affecting the recipient of the behavior
      3. Purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with the recipient's work performance
      4. Verbal harassment or abuse
      5. Pressure for sexual activity
      6. Derogatory or dehumanizing remarks about gender
      7. Remarks to a person with sexual or demeaning implications
      8. Unwanted touching of a sexual nature
      9. Suggesting or demanding sexual involvement accompanied by implied or explicit threats concerning one's job, volunteer position or reputation, etc.
      10. The dissemination of unwanted material (such as cartoons, articles, pictures, etc.) which have sexual content.
  2. Reporting Adult Sexual Misconduct
    1. The first step in stopping sexual harassment is to directly inform the person involved that their conduct is unwelcome, a violation of ADF policy, and that it must stop immediately.
    2. Allegations of sexual misconduct shall be made following the complaints procedures as listed in the ADF Standard Operating Procedures document. If the allegation is about a criminal act, it must be reported to the appropriate civil authorities.
    3. Allegations of sexual misconduct must be made in writing or electronically as to date, time and circumstances.
  3. Investigating Sexual Misconduct
    1. Investigations of sexual misconduct shall be conducted using the procedures in the ADF Standard Operating Procedures sections under Complaints and Leader Conduct.
  4. Responding to Sexual Misconduct
    1. Clergy found guilty of sexual misconduct will have their Clergy Credentials removed by the Mother Grove.
    2. ADF Officers, Senior Druids, Grove Organizers, Staff, and volunteers found guilty of sexual misconduct will be removed from their duties in ADF, its Groves, and/or Protogroves.
    3. Those making false allegations and/or providing false information will be subject to disciplinary action by the Mother Grove, up to and including expulsion from ADF, as outlined in the Complaints section of the ADF Standard Operating Procedures document.
  5. Oversight and Education
    1. The Risk Assessment Committee is responsible for the education of members about sexual misconduct and the existence of these polices.
    2. The Risk Assessment Committee shall review these policies annually with ADF Priests, Senior Druids, Grove Organizers, ADF and Sub-group Officers, members, Staff, Employees, Committed chairpersons, and volunteers.
    3. The Mother Grove and Risk Assessment Committee are responsible to ensure that these policies are followed.
    4. ADF Officers, Staff, Employees, Grove and Protogrove Officers, Sub-group Officers, and other volunteers will be educated through annual emailed policy reviews in regard to this policy and will acknowledge the policy by signature or electronic approval to the Risk Assessment Committee. Files will be retained and updated yearly.


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