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Religious Discrimination at a US Naval Training Station

It is with great apprehension and concern that we in ADF have learned about a new exclusionary religious policy at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station.

Thoughts on Charlie Hebdo

I would like to comment on the massacre of satirical cartoonists and journalists at the French magazine, Charlie Hebdo. My feelings are complicated.

Looking Within

We in ADF have been watching the unfolding of events in the USA lately with sadness and distaste. Excesses abound in this country, from shootings and chokings of the members of racial minorities to calls from religious fundamentalists for the extermination of gay people.

Our Thanks for Mother Earth

In Memoriam - Margot Adler

Margot Adler, 1946-2014

The world received very sad news this morning about the death of Margot Adler today, July 28, 2014. We are all in shock and mourning to hear of her passing.

Protecting the Vulnerable

The pagan community was shocked recently to learn about the recent arrest of Ken Klein for crimes against the most precious and innocent among us, our children.

Although Mr. Klein was not in any way affiliated with ADF, we wish to state that the safety and well being of all our members, children included, is one of our primary concerns.

The Flames of Unity

We have perpetual flames burning in ADF. They are kindled at the Spring Equinox (Autumn Equinox in the southern hemisphere) through friction, and after purification, rekindled at the same time the following year.

Happy Aniversary ADF!

This year, ADF has something to celebrate!

The Balance of the Seasons

Sacred Flames

The Waters support and surround us
The Land extends about us
The Sky stretches out above us
At the Center burns a living flame

                           -- Ceisiwr Serith

We in ADF have long venerated our Sacred Fire, that flame burning at the Center of the Worlds. The Fire transmutes and transforms our offerings, carrying them up to the Gods. It is the light of Heaven, the Hallow of the Sky, bringing order to chaos. And we love to gather around it within its light where we can feel its warmth.


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