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A Short Guide to Raptors

Fall migration season is a great time to see North American raptors.

Articles on Nature

The following articles are about nature, herbs, plants, seasons, etc.

Great Burdock

Look in any ditch along any country road in the Eastern part of the United States and Canada, and you'll find Great Burdock Arctium lappa. Look in many back yards and you'll find it there, too. Burdock is one of the most common medicinal plants.

Honoring the Environment Through Religion

Thoughts from the Ecology SIG

Learning from the Trees

What's a Druid without trees? For that matter, what's a world without trees? Yet most of us take trees for granted. When I was teaching honors and Advanced Placement English to gifted high school students, I gave the same assignment at the beginning of each school year.

Local Nature Spirits

I am an Amateur Ethnobotanist, which basically means that the world is my salad bar. Basically ethnobotanists study the complex relationship between plants and cultures.

Loving Our Mother

Caring for the Huron River is a wonderful experience.

Nature Spirits Articles

The following articles are about the spirits of the land (aka Nature Spirits):

Oh Earth Mother, We Praise Thee!

O Earth-Mother, we praise Thee!


by Jessica Sanchez

(Originally published in Druid's Progress 11)

Winter Birding

Bird watching and feeding in the winter can be fun for us and good for the birds

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