Solitary Articles

Adopting the Core Order of Ritual for Solitary Use

There are several challenges specific to Solitaries when it comes to completing the Dedicant Path.

On the Solitary Path

Where does the solitary gather the energy to maintain his religious fervor? Though there are as many methods as there are solitaries, one sure way is to maintain a steady and daily connection with the natural world.

On the Solitary Path

While tools are not absolutely necessary to being a Druid- (I have always proclaimed loudly and insistently that worship and magick can be created anywhere and with nothing as long as one knows what she's doing), they are certainly pleasant to have and a pleasure to acquire.

On the Spiritual Path . . . Footnotes to a Spiritual Life

I am Druid. I am neither wealthy nor wise, neither beautiful nor famous. I have not traveled the world nor sat at the feet of the celebrated. I have not been toasted for my achievements nor have I experienced an illustrious career.

Reintroducing Solitary Work Into Your Life

Many times, I have heard solitaries in ADF react with envy to the ease in which Grove-affiliated members can find community in their worship, especially if said solitaries are geographically isolated and not solitary by choice.

Solitary Path

The following articles are all written by or for solitaries on the path of Our Druidry.

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