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Greetings, my name is Jane Wayson, your appointed Administrator for ADF. I’d like to share with you some background about me. I joined ADF and started training as Admin. Assistant for ADF in November 2014 which was great for me, shortly after the passing of my husband, it helped to fill a void in my life doing the type of work I love and thrive doing. I took over as Administrator in February 2016.

Business wise, I have 10+ years in Administrative experience as Admin. Assistant for the City of Cincinnati, OH (Security field); Office Manager for a computer company; Supervisor and Site Supervisor in the Security field for a few security companies. I also have an Associate’s Degree in Business Management and received the Dean’s Award three times and graduated with a 3.24 GPA.

Personally, I am a mother of four, grandmother of 12 and counting; I enjoy gardening, crafting and some wood working. I live in Amelia, Ohio, a mile or so from Selene Tawny who is my sister. She did me a great favor introducing me to ADF. I was introduced to paganism in 1997 as Wiccan and dabbled off and on with it for years. I attended a number of rituals at Selene’s grove Mystic Ash Grove, then when grove dissolved, I attended personal rituals at her home. In my years of employment I have always exceled in the clerical areas and LOVED IT. I hope to be of service to ADF for many years and grow both personally and spiritually.

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