Ellie Lazzaro

Ellie Lazzaro

I'm Ellie Lazzaro and I live in Germany. I've been actively and consciously a Pagan since more than 20 years. Coming from your typical Wiccan background I've been trained in the Western Mystery Tradition including long years of practical Qabbalah. I later found my way into Druidcraft and through my infatuation with the old stone circle from Sonora Sunrise Grove, I learned about ADF and after a while, joined in 2010.

I mainly joined ADF because I share the vision of hope that one day the Pagan religions will become an equal part within the religious varieties of different countries. There will be many steps on that way and many pairs of hands will have to work. I would like to lend a pair of hands and in this way serve ADF and the Pagan community.

I have an academic degree in Psychology and one of my focal points was intercultural differences and international assignments. I've accompanied my husband on his international assignment to the South of France, and on his diplomatic mission to Paris, where I fulfilled some representative tasks. 

For ADF, especially with a focus on Europe, my wish is to see it grow and spread, so that people know not only ADF, but there will be Groves and Groups to contact as well and meetings at festivals and hopefully more translations will be done in the future. Beside German and English I am fluent in French, speak and write Italian and can read and speak a bit Spanish. Locally, I organise High Days and we became a Proto-Grove in 2014. I also manage a German Pagan portal with discussion board since 2002.

I work as a psychotherapist and give webinars in work-life-balance and health prevention. I am married and we have two children.

I serve ADF as the current Regional Druid for Europe and Coordinator of the Non-Englisch Speakers' SIG.

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