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picture of Rev. Avende wearing blue shirt and wave stole in front of blazing fire with arms raisedThe Rev. Jan Avende is an Initiate and Priest dedicated to the Vision of ADF. She is a talented Bard, Liturgist, and Spiritworker who has used her talents as a certified teacher to build an online classroom forum for the Initiates Program including extra study materials and week by week scheduling. By creating this online forum she has assisted others to gain their Initiate status as well, creating a wonderful example of technology used to further spiritual goals.

Winner of the 2015 Wellspring Bardic Chair and bard extraordinaire, she is well known for both her work in sacred song as well as her marvelous rendition of The Moose Song. Currently she is working on writing a book on the Greek Alphabet Oracle, organizing an official Initiates Council, and re-writing the Magician’s Guild Study Program.

Rev. Avende works out of Three Cranes Grove, ADF in Columbus, serving by running High Day rites, Moon rituals, and specialty rituals, as well as providing pastoral care and assisting in the day to day running of the grove. She wears many hats in ADF, sharing her wisdom, caring heart, and powerful mind.

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Rev. Jan Avende

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Rev. Jan Avende has been a member of ADF and Three Cranes Grove since 2009. She is an ADF Initiate and active as an officer and member in many of ADFs subgroups. Winner of the 2015 Wellspring Bardic Chair, she is also talented Bard, Liturgist, and Spiritworker. Rev. Avende serves her community by running High Day rites, Moon rituals, and specialty rituals, as well as providing pastoral care and assisting in the day to day running of the grove. She wears many hats in ADF, sharing her wisdom, caring heart, and powerful mind. Please reach out and talk to her, because she loves talking with others about how they practice Our Druidry. You can see more of her writing at hellenicdruid.wordpress.com.

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