Thexalon (Dave Kleinschmidt)

Thexalon (Dave Kleinschmidt)

My life in ADF:

I met Stone Creed Grove, ADF in the spring of 2007, and officially joined a year later. I was attracted to the skillful ritual working, the scholarship, and the mission of public pagan worship.

Starting in 2008, I developed a practice of creating and performing a new song each high day, and that enabled me to rekindle my love of the performing arts in a way that I felt was neglected. This practice is still going on.

Many of my thoughts and musical works can be found at my blog, The Joy of Thex.

Study Program Completions:

  • Dedicant's Path
  • Bardic Guild - First Circle (Common, Lyricist, Musician, Poet, Storyteller, Vocalist)

Outside of ADF, my background includes formal study of ancient Greek and music composition.

My roles within ADF:

I have served as secretary and now treasurer of Stone Creed Grove, the secretary of the Bardic Guild, secretary of Oi Asproi Koukouvaiyes: White Owls Kin, and most recently as Regional Druid for the Heartland Region. In addition, I was chosen as the fourth Wellspring Bardic Chair for performance of song, poetry, and storytelling.

Unofficially, I also direct a group of Stone Creed members who have chosen to engage in choral singing during our high day rites, arranging songs for part-singing, organizing rehearsals, and teaching parts. Also, because I live right next to the Tredara facility, I act as one of the caretakers of 16 acres of land dedicated to ADF gatherings and worship.

Why ADF?

ADF pushes me to aspire to the highest standards of knowledge, wisdom, and practice. At the same time, it has an open door that allows members and friends of our groves to experience pagan religion in a more casual way without the obligation to spend years in study. The pan-Indo-European nature of our organization allows us to recognize and respond to parallels and creates variety within our ritual structure. ADF's value of inclusion of all kinds of people are fundamental to my goals in life and make that a strong reason to support it.

Who am I outside of ADF?

I support myself as a freelance software developer. I have been performing music for the contra-dance community for over 25 years (Example of the style).

More recently, I've gotten involved in building environmentally sustainable intentional community in my area, as part of an effort to translate the values I've learned in part from ADF into practical action that restores proper relationship between humans and the Earth.

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