Rev. Amber Doty

Rev. Amber Doty

My life in ADF:

My name is Rev. Amber Doty.  I grew up in rural Nebraska, and now live in Omaha with my family.  I have been a member of ADF since 2008 and Pagan for longer than I can remember, but never quite felt at home until I found ADF. 

Study Program Completions:

  • Dedicant Path - May 2013
  • CTP-Prelim - August 2014
  • CTP 1st Circle - February 2015
  • Generalist - October 2015
  • Liturgists Guild 1st Circle - June 2015
  • Seers Guild - May 2016
  • Initiate -  October 2016
  • Demeter and Eleusinian Order 1st Circle - May 2017
  • CTP 2nd Circle - May 2017

My roles within ADF:

In addition to being a Consecrated Priest and Initiate,  currently the Central Regional Druid and Chief of the Council of Regional Druids.  I am also the Scribe for the Artisan’s Guild and Welsh Kin.   I currently act as the Clergy Advisor and Preceptor of the Demeter & Eleusinian Order and Preceptor for the Naturalists Guild.  I am also a Dedicant mentor and reviewer for the Dedicant Path, Generalist Study Program, Clergy Training Program, and Initiates Program. 

Why ADF?

I've spent most of my life studying different religious beliefs and the mythology associated with them but never found an organization that "fit" until I joined ADF. Like so many others, I craved a connection to our Mother Earth and my European ancestors, while still following the call of the Hellenic hearth.  I would constantly find myself researching one religion or another to see if I can find something that fit my path.  One of those research periods led me down the road of modern Druidry and the organizations associated with it.  I read about all of the different groups, and ADF seemed to be the most accessible and the best fit for me.  It took some time for me to feel comfortable but, even during my struggles; I knew that ADF was an organization that I was proud to be a part of.   It took me 5 years, but I managed to work through the Dedicant Path and now love working through the different study programs that ADF has to offer. The connections that I have made through this organization are incredible.  The people here, some of which I have never met in person, feel like my family.  It is important to me to feel connected even when I am physically segregated from a majority of the other members.   I’ve always wanted to find a community, and ADF has helped me do exactly that.

Who am I outside of ADF?

This is a question that could be answered in so many ways.  I am a mom, a sister, a daughter…a geek, a book collector, and a gamer.  I have a Bachelors in Computer Management Information Systems and work providing technology support to 18 school districts. I love being a part of the education field.