Shaz Cairns

Shaz Cairns


My name is Shaz Cairns. I live in Melbourne, Australia.


I started this journey many year ago as a solitary pagan, with an interest in Druidry. Being active in the wider pagan community, I was helping run a pagan youth group with some friends. We were looking for resources online and my friend thought I would be interested in the ADF study programs as there was a not a lot of resources available here. So I joined ADF back in January 2007 and although still solitary I felt I had found somewhere I could be myself and able to learn and grow.


I didn’t wait long. In July 2007, with my friends, I started the first Grove in the Southern Hemisphere, Silver Birch, which received Provisional Charter on April 7, 2010. I was and am still looking for those like me, who are solitary by distance rather than choice.

As Senior Druid of Silver Birch Grove I continue to ensure we hold open rituals here in Melbourne as well as a monthly meet up so others don’t have to be alone. As a Grove we are using new technologies like Zoom to help those who cannot make it to our Grove in person to be able to participate from where ever they are. Like many of us, I look forward to a day when Paganism is given equal standing with other religions here and I continue to seek opportunities towards that goal.

2011 saw the beginning of ADF’s newest Region, the Asia Pacific.  Serving as Asia Pacific’s Regional Druid is extremely important to me.  That others in our Region have a resource that is consistent with their location and time zone. With the aim to assist others who are far away from the main body of ADF and to ensure that members are solitary by choice and not distance. To be able to provide a level of connection to those whose hemispheres and practise don’t line up.

I am currently serving as Chair of the Council of Regional Druids. My goal is to bring all the Regional Druids together so we can work as a team providing the best support for the membership.

Outside of ADF I live with my sister and adult daughter. I am kept busy with 4 children, 5 grandchildren and maintaining a garden containing most of the plants and trees of the Ogham.

When taking time out for myself I enjoy drumming and camping with friends, preferably at the same time whenever possible.



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