Leader Bio: Rovena Windsor

Leader Bio: Rovena Windsor

I am Rovena Windsor. I was born and raised in Missouri though I have visited 38 states, and 3 countries. I was a solitary Pagan from 1972 until I joined ADF in 2005.

I am a founding member of Thistle Grove and the current Senior Druid. Within my grove, I teach classes, write as well as participate in rituals. I help with both the Shreveport-Bossier City and the Southern University of Arkansas World Religions Days.

I am a DP mentor, one of the moderators for the Tuesday IRC chats, Chieftain for the Clann na nGael (Gaelic Kin), coordinator for the Technopagans, and am currently the Regional Druid for the Central Region.

In ADF, I found a home and a family. The Three Kindreds have been important in my life from the very beginning of it. The principles of ADF are the principles I was taught as a child.

My interests include genealogy, mysteries (books, movies, and TV), and history. History is a logical interest since I have a B.S. in Secondary Education with a history major. My 17 graduate hours in Guidance and Counseling has been helpful to me in life. I have worked many different jobs from front desk clerk, temporary worker at just about everything, police dispatcher, and lastly emergency water/sewer dispatcher evolving into administrative assistant in that City department. Nowadays I enjoy doing ADF work and my family.

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