Leader Bio: Arthur Shipkowski

Leader Bio: Arthur Shipkowski

Why I am involved in ADF

I joined because of inclination towards various visions for ADF that were set out in the original documents. We continue and live up to those visions to variable degrees; some of the documents outline things that are a bit stale in this era. That said, because I feel ADF has provided me with much, I wanted to give a gift for a gift in order to contribute to ADF's vision, and so have served in a number of positions.

What I do in ADF

Presently, I am ADF's Information Manager, in charge of ADF's day-to-day IT needs.

In the past I've been a Grove Organizer, SIG Coordinator, Kin Chieftain, and served a number of terms as ADF's Members' Advocate, to the point where I was awarded the distinction of being ADF's first Members' Advocate Emeritus.

My personal vision for ADF's future

Many others have already spoken eloquently of the vision of ADF as a larger mainstream religious community, in line with much of Isaac Bonewits' original vision. This is a vision I share; I'd love hundreds of Groves across the US offering public worship through our blend of inspiration and scholarship. Of course, an oak tree does not grow in a day. During my time as Members' Advocate, I learned that ADF does not grow from the Mother Grove, but through individual ADF members deciding a project is important enough to implement on their own. Great things, like the Core Order of Ritual Tutorial, have been accomplished by ADF members deciding "we need this" and doing it. Many people focus on the trunk of the tree -- but the tree only grows by increasing the breadth of its branches, and I think the greatest potential for growth in ADF is at the "twigs." We are all a part of the tree.

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