Leader Bio: Sean Harbaugh

Leader Bio: Sean Harbaugh


My name is Sean Harbaugh and I am a Priest and loyal member of ADF since November 2003.

Currently, I am a Non-Officer Director on the Mother Grove, and I am very proud and honored to serve in my role there since 2010.  I am also the Scribe of the Gael Kin, Deputy Chief of the Council of Senior Druids, and a voting member of the Grove Organizing Committee.  I also serve in the role of Dedicant Program Reviewer, GSP Reviewer, and CTP Reviewer.  I also serve as an admin on ADF's Facebook groups.

I have previously held the position of Northwest Regional Druid from 2007 through 2009, and again from 2010 through 2013.  I worked to bring a professional, organizational frame of leadership to the region, but maintained and stressed the importance of the membership.  I look forward to our continued partnership to bring our region into a cohesive, professional organizational unit, that focuses on the needs of the members in our region and continued growth.  I was also an officer on the Clergy-Council in 2010, and am proud at the growth of the ADF Initiate's Program while I was a member. 

I am a founding member and once again current Senior Druid of the Sierra Madrone Grove and served as Senior Druid from our inception in 2004 to 2009.  The Sierra Madrone Grove has grown into one of the larger groves in ADF.

I also help organize the first two NW Regional Gatherings: the annual Eight Winds Festival. I have helped coordinate the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival 6 out of the past 9 years, and I am very active in the local Pagan community. I have been a Pagan for 20+ years, with most of those as a Wiccan, and took my Druid Oath in 2002.

My Hearth is Irish and Scottish, and as a Celtic reconstructionist, I continually do research into the myths and history of my Ancestors.  As a member of Clan Donald I actively live my Hearth, and continue to learn as I go along. As Chief of the ADF Gael Kin I have an opportunity to assist in organizing our Kin to focus on study and history.  I helped revamp our Kin's recommended reading list and am looking forward to working with the members of Clann na nGael to develop rituals specific to our hearth. I studied mythology, English, and history in college and consider myself an amateur/hobbyist historian and avid writer.

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