Trevor Hanson (Trebomâros Auigani)

Trevor Hanson (Trebomâros Auigani)

History within ADF

I began my journey with ADF in the fall of 2000 and as of 2021, I have been involved with the establishment of Clann na nGael: The Gaelic Kin as well as the Gaulish Kin, where I presided as the Gaulish Kin Chief. I am also the Preceptor of the Warrior's Guild and the Regional Druid for the Upper Midwest.  I completed the Dedicant Program in 2001 and I am currently going through the Warriors Guild Study Program, the Generalist Study Program, and the Initiates Program training.  I originally became involved with ADF out of a sense of wanting to belong to a Pagan community that allowed me to grow in my spirituality as best as I could while using actual historical information as my guide.  That path led me away from ADF for a while, but with the birth of my son, I was drawn back and have found a community that is dedicated to excellence within their own practice while supporting the growth of a positive and healthy community.


Other Things I Have Done

I have a history of leadership involvement and development, including being an Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America, holding multiple leadership positions with various jobs throughout the years, and running a martial arts club at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  I also hold a black belt in a Korean martial art called Tae Soo Do and a Black Sash in Hwa Rang Do.  Other than that, I am a father, a husband, and I work in the healthcare industry.


Personal Practice

Within my personal practice, I am a Hearthkeeper within ADF.  I am also an animatist, animist, and primarily a Gaulish polytheist, but I do dabble somewhat in Irish, Welsh, Greek, Roman, and Norse practices where it is directly applicable.  I involve myself with our local Pagan communities in the Upper Midwest and I am also active in the Gaulish Polytheism Community.  I am a follower of Cernunnos and Brig is the goddess of our Hearth.  I have also worked with Lugh/Lugus, Epona, and various local spirits, which involves nature walks, leaving of offerings, and performing divinations when needed.


Personal Vision of ADF

ADF provides a wonderful framework to cultivate one’s personal development within the Pagan community and I want to assist to foster our Fellowship in a way that focuses on cultivating excellence within one’s local personal practice while supporting the growth of positive and healthy communities.

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