Leader Bio: Jean Pagano (Drum)

Leader Bio: Jean Pagano (Drum)

Photo of a drumI was reading "Drawing Down the Moon" in the early 80's when I saw a piece about the New Reformed Druids of North America. I contacted Isaac Bonewits and asked him about NRDNA. Isaac said "I am starting a new group – take a look at it" That was 1983 and I joined ADF in 1984 as its 8th member. I have been around ever since.

I spent the greater part of my ADF career as a Solitaire, partially by circumstance, partially by choice. I learned a lot about myself and my interaction with ADF during that time. Upon moving to Michigan in 2002, I started looking for a local grove and found Shining Lakes Grove a few years later.

I decided to become more involved on a Regional and National level a few years after that – I became ListMaster in 2008 and Regional Druid in 2009. I became a member of the Mother Grove in 2010 when I became Chief of the Council of Regional Druids. I was elected Vice Arch Druid in 2012. I became a Senior Priest in 2013. I am an Initiate and a Non-Officer Director for the Clergy Council. I am a reviewer for the Dedicant Program, Generalist Study Program, Initiate Program, Clergy Training Program, and the Naturalist and Seers Guild Study Programs.

One of the things I find most attractive about ADF is that it has retained a number of features from the RDNA. The RDNA is beautiful in its simplicity; ADF has taken that simplicity and refined it into something totally new and exciting. I am firmly committed to ADF education and our various Study Programs.

I enjoy working my various altars, spending time in Nature, and studying and teaching the Ogham. I speak with the Gods on a daily basis and I cherish their presence, including the Lares, my household spirits.

I am committed to see ADF grow both here, in the United States and Canada, and internationally. I have visited Canada and Australia since joining the Mother Grove and have plans to visit South America and Europe this year. It is vitally important that our members not only hear about ADF and its leaders, but also that they see the leaders in person, if possible.

I believe that "Why Not Excellence" is the rule to guide us in our practice and in our approach to interactions between ourselves and other people, wherever we may encounter them. This is best exemplified through the virtue of Hospitality, which is the one virtue that reaches beyond oneself. Finally, I believe the best way to understand the Kindred(s) and the spirits that surround us is to work with them each and every day.

I was elected ArchDruid in 2016 and was installed as such at Wellspring at Tredara by the four living ArchDruids.

To the Earth Mother and to you all, I send blessings.


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