Jacque Composanto

Jacque Composanto

I was born and raised in Denver, CO and moved to Brooklyn, NY with some friends. I have an adorable doggo who loves running around on the beaches in the off-season. I found paganism in 2012 and remained a baby pagan with little direction until I joined ADF in 2017. 

I parimarily work with the Germanic hearth. I completed my Dedicant's Path in 2019. I currently host monthly discussion chats online and I am a Hearth Keeper of ADF. And now I am also the North East Regional Druid. 

ADF is my spiritual home. It has the structure and community I always yearned for, from the online study programs to the summer festivals. With the virtues and the Kindreds guiding me, I hope I can help others on their paths. 

I have a BA in History and love anything history-related. I am also an avid sci-fi and fantasy nerd.   

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