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The words we use to bring Our Druidry to life.Many of our chants are particularly suited for certain parts of our liturgy, so they are organized by ritual section below.Opening, Establishing the Grove: Processional, Earth Mother, Grove Attunement, Bardic InspirationRecreating the Cosmos: Well/Fire/Tree, Land/Sea/SkyFilling out the Cosmic Picture: Opening the Gates, Kindreds ( Gods, Nature Spirits, and Ancestors )Offering to the Powers: Main Offering/SacrificeOmen and Receiving the Blessing: Omen/Divination, Receiving the BlessingThanks, and Closing: RecessionalMiscellaneous/Other: MiscellaneousADF chant tapes, CDs, and books are available from Muin Mound Grove, and The ADF Store.Two books we can recommend that have general Neopagan songs and chants are Circle of Song and Rise Up Singing.
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The following are some songs and chants that we have found useful in ritual, but which are not attached to a particular part of our liturgyAir I Am (45Kb MP3)Earth My Body (39Kb MP3)Strong Like the Ocean (81Kb MP3)We Will Kindle the Fire (73Kb MP3)

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