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Honoring the Gods, the Nature Spirits, and our Ancestors.We try to follow the Old Ways of our ancestors as closely as possible, using a common Indo-European liturgy which can be adapted for specific cultures. We're also committed to doing public ritual: every ADF grove has at least eight publicly-open High Day rites a year that follow a core order of ritual, and many have monthly blessing rites as well.Ritual ResourcesExplanations of ADF RitualA Standard LiturgyVideos of rituals and tutorialsADF YouTube Channel (offsite)Core Order of Ritual Tutorial (members)ADF RitualsGeneral RitualsCeltic RitualsNorse RitualsHellenic RitualsRoman RitualsProto-IE RitualsVedic RitualsKin Rituals (Members Only)Aus Dhwer: Eastern Gate Kin RitualsEldr ok Iss: Kin of Fire and IceTylwyth Y Ddraig Goch: Red Dragon ClanOi Asproi Koukouvayies: White Owls KinThe Slavic Kin Rituals, PrayersThe Roman KinClann na nGael: The Gaelic KinPontos Proto IE KinThe Gaulish KinOther RitualsLiturgist Yearbooks (members)Solitary Druid Fellowship (offsite)Songs, Chants, and MoreMeditationsChants & Songs

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