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Virtual vs. Real

ADF is, in many ways, a virtual church. Many of our members have no grove or protogrove connections, and their only contact with other like-minded ADFers comes through the Internet, or in the pages of this journal.

Finding Her Balance

At the Equinox, we were reminded of the balance of all things, of the careful and holy interplay of Order and Chaos, and of how both are necessary to sustain life. The last few months have been terrifying, with floods in Australia, earthquakes in New Zealand, and both earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan.

Every Day is a Blessing

It’s been a chaotic and terrifying few months. Floods in Australia, an earthquake on New Zealand’s South Island, damaging an historic city, and then a terrible earthquake and tsunami in north western Japan – folks could hardly be blamed for thinking that the Earth is taking some terrible revenge on humanity.

Getting Things Done

End of an Era

The death of our Founder, Rev. Isaac Bonewits, on August 12, 2010, while not unexpected, was still a great shock to many of us. He had battled cancer since last autumn, undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but even with all that discomfort he kept his sense of humor and general orneriness to the end. He shall be truly missed.

Recognizing Volunteers

Summer is Festival time!

Back in the back old days (the 1970′s, say) there was no Internet and most Pagans were quite isolated. The Pagan Festival movement changed this, and folks came together in large numbers where ideas percolated and new influences were felt, bringing the Pagan movement to a new maturity.

Thanks, Skip!


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