Sol sistere,The Sun stands still.It pauses before moving on again.Face to the Sun,We call to the realms,Land, sea, and sky,Ever around us.We reach for the hallows,Well, tree, and fire,Ever around us.We offer to the Kindreds,Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and Shining Ones,Ever around us.With the breath of Inspiration,We reach for the Earth Mother,Ever beneath us,As we pause,With the Sun,Sol sistere.Solstice Blessings to all, whereever they may be.

Excellence in Service Award

The Excellence in Service Award recognizes the exceptional public service work of an ADF Grove, Protogrove, Guild, SIG, or other Subgroup. Here are the winners, by year:

Below are links to log files from past IRC chats. Please note that there is often a delay between when a chat occurs and when its log file is posted.2006[filetree dir="/public/forums/IRC/logs/2006" fileformat="%link (%size)" animation="false"]2007[filetree dir="/public/forums/IRC/logs/2007" fileformat="%link (%size)" animation="false"]2009[filetree dir="/public/forums/IRC/logs/2009" fileformat="%link (%size)" animation="false"]2014[filetree dir="/public/forums/IRC/logs/2014" fileformat="%link (%size)" animation="false"]2015[filetree dir="/public/forums/IRC/logs/2015" fileformat="%link (%size)" animation="false"]2016[filetree dir="/public/forums/IRC/logs/2016" fileformat="%link (%size)" animation="false"]2017[filetree dir="/public/forums/IRC/logs/2017" fileformat="%link (%size)" animation="false"]2018[filetree dir="/public/forums/IRC/logs/2018" fileformat="%link (%size)" animation="false"]2019[filetree dir="/public/forums/IRC/logs/2019" fileformat="%link (%size)" animation="false"]

ADF does not have a current active podcast, but you can hear ADF perspectives in the following member-created podcasts.

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