Der Segen der Götter fließt nun in mir

Übersetzung von Mairi NicDhoiseu

||: Der Segen der Götter fließt nun in mir
Der Segen der Götter strahlt aus mir heraus
Der Segen der Götter wächst nun in mir :||

(Text und Musik von Ian Corrigan, ©StoneCreed Grove 1998.)


Rev. Jeffrey Wyndham (Ian Corrigan)

Author's Bio:

About the Author - Ian Corrigan is a past ADF Archdruid as well as recipient of the Distinguished Service award for his time as Bard Laureate. He is deeply involved in developing and implementing a modern Druidic occultism, creating rites and training to enhance our growing spiritual work. His druid books are available at

Articles by Rev. Jeffrey Wyndham (Ian Corrigan)

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