Guilds are groups of ADF members who support each other in learning and teaching specific skill sets related to the work of Our Druidry. Guilds are an integral part of the ADF Study Program, and the current list of guilds is below.

  • Artisans Guild: creating and promoting training in the making of artworks and crafts
  • Bardic Guild: promoting excellence in the word: spoken, written, and sung
  • Brewers Guild: promoting and sharing knowledge of the art of brewing in a religious context
  • Dance Guild: exploring performance and research of dance and movement in Our Druidry
  • Liturgists Guild: promoting the art and science of liturgy within the context of Our Druidry
  • Magicians Guild: studying, practicing and teaching the traditional arts called magic
  • Naturalists Guild: learning more about the land we live on and its Nature Spirits
  • Scholars Guild: practicing scientific and scholarly research on the roots of Our Druidry
  • Seers Guild: training and fellowship in the skills of divining, trancework, and counseling
  • Warriors Guild: training in spiritual, mental and physical defense, also emergency response

Members may get more information about these Guild's activities in the Members Guild area.

Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, Inc.

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